Armor Granite – For When you Absolutely Want the Top of the Line Garage Epoxy Floor Finish

Armor Granite – Best Garage Floor Epoxy

garage floor epoxyWhen you want to apply garage floor epoxy to your attached or unattached structure, you have a choice that you need to make. First of all, you could simply go to the local hardware store, buy a bucket of cheap epoxy and apply it to your concrete. That would definitely work, and if you are patient enough, then you will probably be able to almost make it look like a professional job. The quality may not be there and it won’t look like a professional job for long but as they say, it’s the thought that counts. If you need to take things a bit further however, you might want to consider a better option for your garage floor epoxy coating.

Sure, the price might be a higher, but can you really put a price tag on top quality? The answer is definitely no, and for this reason, we strongly recommend that you use Armor Granite  if you’re looking for the best epoxy finish available. Let’s go over some of the benefits – before you know it you’ll not only be using it for yourself, you’ll be recommending us to everyone who needs to epoxy their garage floor.

Armor Granite – The Best Epoxy for the Job

Your garage floor is concrete, obviously, but Armor Granite does precisely what it advertises: using a combination of the most durable military grade epoxy and armor chips, it will create a real granite look. There is a good chance you’ve heard of this before and perhaps the cost was a bit high. By purchasing the materials from us and performing the installation yourself, you are going to save a considerable amount of money, and it won’t be long before you’re enjoying a brand new garage floor, whether you’re using your garage as a workshop, and attached apartment, or just a garage. The sky is the limit.

Armor Granite Features:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Self Leveling
  • Skid Resistant
  • Chemical/Salt Resistant
  • More Than Twice as Thick as Competitor Epoxy Products

The product alone is pretty amazing, being 23 mils thick (much thicker than store bought epoxy kits that are only 2 mils thick), but it also comes with 20 lbs of chips, allowing for full floor coverage. Floor chips might not add anything when it comes to additional strength, but they make the floor look outstanding, and most importantly, they draw attention away from any imperfection that might exist. Something important to understand when it comes to garage floor epoxy is that other brands simply cannot hold the same number of chips. You could try of course, but a lesser epoxy would have trouble adhering to the floor with a greater number of chips, and it wouldn’t be too long before you ran into trouble. You see each of those tiny color flakes displace a tiny amount of the epoxy so if you start with a paper thin coating you’ll end up with almost no epoxy under the color flakes.Armor Granite is without a doubt the best choice you can make for your garage floor.

Beautiful and Functional

garage floor epoxyYou don’t need your floor to just look good, you need it to work properly. You want to be able to walk across it without slipping, you want it to be very durable, and you even want it to be bright. Did you know that the vast majority of garages equipped with Armor Granite garage floor epoxy coating are able to cut down on energy use by simply relying on the reflection that the floor provides? That’s right, it’s bright enough for you to see beneath cars, and most importantly, to see what’s right in front of you. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? As you can see, Armor Granite is an outstanding choice, and one that you will want to investigate when it comes time to apply your garage flooring. It’s a great flooring choice, it’s easy to install, and it’s ready to stand up to every day use. When you absolutely need the best, it’s time to go with Armor Granite.