Commercial Flooring Epoxy

Extremely Durable Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial grade epoxy flooring is primarily used in what you would expect, commercial floor applications, but can also be used for garage floors too. You can use the commercial epoxy flooring kits for garage, auto repair shops of any size, wood shops, machine shops, hangars, brewery floors, food prep floors and warehouses . With an abrasion loss rating of only 8mgs it can handle just about any type of traffic and still stay looking new.

We offer kits in various floor sizes and in standard or Low VOC versions for states that have EPA Low VOC requirements. We even offer a large packaged system on a pallet for floors 2500 sf and larger.


Commercial Epoxy Flooring grade system benefits are:

  • 160 ft/lbs of impact resistance, can handle dropped tools and parts
  • Chemical and acid resistant, can handle caustic wash downs in breweries and food production plants.
  • All application tools and nonslip additive are included
  • Clean up is easy and fast! Simply rinse dirt off with a hose or wipe your floor clean with a mop
  • Armor II is self leveling, slip resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, heavy traffic rated and hot tire lifting proof.
  • Cures to a perfect super hard high gloss porcelain like finish automatically.
  • Paint in the morning, Topcoat in 4-6 hrs and drive on it in 48 hrs!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring is a Quick, Easy, Beautiful and Super Durable System!

Why would you want to use commercial epoxy flooring on your garage floor? For one you may not like the look of color flakes in your floor that all garage floor epoxy kits come with. Our commercial floor epoxy kits come with a solid color base coat and a solid color topcoat as opposed to our garage kits that come with a solid color base coat and a clear topcoat.

commercial-floor-epoxySecond the commercial epoxy floor system comes with a stronger topcoat than our standard garage topcoat. So you get better protection against scratching and abrasion wear form tires, forklifts, pallet jacks, pallet dolly and other small wheeled traffic. If you want the color flake look and the equivalent in durability of the commercial package for your garage, we offer a military hardened topcoat as a low cost upgrade for all our garage floor epoxy kits.

Our commercial floor epoxy kits come with everything you need for preparing the floor and applying the epoxy and topcoat, we even include a high grade heavy duty nonslip additive so the floor isn’t slippery when wet. Commercial flooring epoxy is the protection you need to keep your floor looking great for the next ten years.

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