Garage Floor Epoxy

Extra heavy duty long life garage floor epoxy

Our Garage Floor Epoxy is unlike store bought off the shelf type epoxies. Retail grade epoxies are typically water based, very thin single coats, do not have a urethane fortified epoxy topcoat and have a high abrasion loss rating. This more often than not results in a poor finish and your tires peeling up the coating in short order. When going through the trouble and expense of applying a garage floor epoxy coating you want it to not only stay stuck to your floor you want a coating that will have a long lasting new look to it.

garage-floor-epoxyOur garage epoxy is military grade 100% solids aliphatic epoxy, this is a proven superior epoxy to water based and cyclioaliphatic epoxies. Our topcoats come in two versions with the standard topcoat having a 20mg and our military hardened topcoat having an industry best 4 mg abrasion loss rating.

Armor Chip & Armor Granite garage floor epoxy are not available in home improvement stores or other retail outlets, they are military grade epoxy floor systems packaged for easy DIY installation in just a few hours. Our garage epoxy flooring kits contain everything you need to do the complete job and when done right an ArmorGarage garage floor epoxy can last 15 to 20 years.

What is a topcoat and what is an abrasion loss rating? A topcoat is the final coating that you apply over the epoxy to protect it and the color flakes if you are using them. A topcoat is much different than the base epoxy coating. It should have urethane in it for UV protection and to add hardness for abrasion resistance. The abrasion loss rating is obtained via the industry standard Taber C-17 abrasion test. This is simply a weighted grinding wheel run over the coating for a specific amount of time and the amount of epoxy that is removed is measured. With the lower the amount removed representing a higher resistance to abrasion. Retail grade garage epoxies have an abrasion loss rating of 25 and much higher. Coatings with these poor types of abrasion resistance ratings offer little in tire or small wheel scratch and abrasion wear protect. So you may find and apply an epoxy that will not fail due to hot tire pickup but the nice high gloss finish will soon be worn away. epoxy-flooring

Don’t be fooled by topcoats that are really just clear epoxies with some UV additives. These are just a waste of your time and money they offer zero additional wear protection.

ArmorGarage epoxy flooring kits come with a calibrated squeegee to ensure you apply the epoxy at the correct mil thickness and our finished coatings are the thickest available for a beautiful deep luster look that will still look new many years from now. We also provide you with most amount of color chips in both our Armor Chip kit and our Armor Granite kit that has a floor finish that looks like real granite.

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