Patching A Pitted Garage Floor

The following is from a customer who had a very badly pitted garage floor. He used Rapid Set Concrete Mix instead of our concrete Crack & Joint Repair Compound because he had to basically patch the entire floor. Our product is easier to work with and is suited for cracks, divots and joints but not really a skim coat product. He also advised not to use the Rapid Set Mortar because it doesn’t set right. Here’s a picture of what his floor looked like originally before he used the Garage Floor Epoxy kit in Pattern #2.

As you can see this floor was a disaster and you’ll be amazed at what it turned into with some elbow grease and the AmroGarage Granite Garage Epoxy Kit. So now comes the part after he has applied the concrete mix and let it cure. When using the Rapid Set Concrete Mix you have to work quickly because it sets up in 10 minutes unlike our patch products that give you 30-40 minutes to work with.

Here he is using a right angle drill with a grinding disk to smooth out the patch. You can rent a diamond grinder to make it faster and easier to smooth out the patching. So for large resurfacing jobs you can use the Rapid Set, it’s a quality product and our follow ups with him have told us that the patching has not cracked or chipped up in any way. For normal patch jobs use our Crack & Joint Compound or our Instant Crack Repair. The Instant Repair lets you paint right over the patch without having to wait for it to cure!

Now comes the good part, this after he applied the Granite Epoxy Flooring kit using our pre selected color combo of Pattern #2.

ArmorGarage Granite Epoxy Pattern #2
The Granite Epoxy kit has a ton of color flakes so it covers any minor blemishes and as you can see the floor came out beautiful, you would never know it was the same floor as the first image above.

He also used our Epoxy flooring primer which we always recommend especially when doing such a large patch job. Then he applied our high build military grade epoxy with 20lbs of color flakes using the supplied spike soles. Then he chose the Military Grade Clear Topcoat instead of the standard heavy duty topcoat. This allowed him to do only one coat instead of three coats. He also used the supplied nonslip additive in the topcoat.

The military grade topcoat is a chemically hardened version of the standard topcoat. It has an abrasion loss rating of only 4 mgs(the lower the number the better) which is the best in the industry. Most other brands provide you with fake topcoats that have ratings of 25-50mgs or higher. They offer little to no protection and no guarantee against wear whereas ArmorGarage provides the only 5 year wear guarantee. No one else provides a guarantee against wear and make no mistake if you don’t have the right topcoat your tire abrasion will wear out your epoxy coating very quickly. Wear won’t be covered under any warranty despite what you may be led to believe.