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What is ponding roof water & how do I know if I have it

Ponding roof water is one of the most destructive forces on a flat asphalt roof. It is standing water that sits on your roof for longer than 24-36 hrs after the rain has stopped. Other than going up on your roof the day after a good rain storm to see if you have pools of water sitting on your roof you can look for areas like this:

IMG_0261 Roof

See all the dark brown and black residue, that’s the tell tale sign of ponding water. You can also see the decomposing roof material also. Ponding water will eat through just about any roof material.  It is extremely important that before you begin any repairs or coating of your flat roof that you determine whether or not you have ponding water which is caused by improper pitch in the roof. If you do,  you must thoroughly clean off all the residue with either a bleach or chlorine solution. Then you must coat it with a ponding water PROOF coating not just a ponding water resistant coating.  Anything else you do will be a waste of your time and money such as using bargain coatings from home improvement stores.

Here are some more obvious cases of ponding roof water. Having vegetation growing on your roof is never a good thing but is more common then you think.

ponding2 Plant-grow-on-roof

It’s never easy repitching a roof but sometimes its not so difficult to add another roof drain in the low spot. If you can’t do either than we strongly recommend you apply the proper coating. One problem with ponding proof coatings is that they are very soft and prone to damage by heavy rains and simply by walking on them. Some manufacturers void the warranty if the roof was walked on or if certain documented maintenance was not performed yearly or if it wasn’t applied by a licensed contractor. Read the fine print before you buy.  We offer a hardened ponding coating that will resist abrasion from heavy down pours and being walked on for 12 years guaranteed. Learn more about our ponding water roof coat here: ArmorGarage Ponding Roof Coating