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Acid Etching Your Floor

Here is a great image of what your floor should look like as you scrub in the acid etching solution to prepare a concrete floor for an epoxy coating.


If your etch solution does not bubble like this up it means you need a stronger solution and most likely that you need to do a second etch. Also critically important is that it bubbles up over the entire floor and that you scrub the entire floor! It’s easy to miss a spot that could result in what we call a pop. That’s where you get a small piece of the epoxy that just pops up off the floor. That is easily avoided by taking your time to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Let the etch sit on the floor till it stops fizzing, usually 6-8 minutes. Don’t let the solution dry. You also might want to scrub in some TSP powder right before you rinse. This will neutralize the acid, get the slab to the right PH and do a little extra cleaning all at the same time.

When done your floor should look like new concrete with no dark or dirty spots. You can see a good example here ETCHED FLOOR of what a properly etched floor looks like that is ready for an epoxy coating.

Here is the finished result after applying our Armor II Epoxy System.


This is a floor coating that will last the owner 15-20 years. To get that kind of longevity it’s well worth the extra time to make sure you did a good etching job.

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