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To Grind Or Not To Grind

Grinding is a very good way to get a concrete floor to the right profile for an epoxy coating. Grinding also saves time if you have a good vacuum system that will get all the dust off the floor. You then don’t have to wait for the floor to dry after rinsing and or etching. If you need to rinse the floor down to get rid of all the dust we recommend that you sprinkle some acid etching onto the floor and etch the floor while you are rinsing. Let the etch fizz for 5 or so minutes before you rinse. This way you are cleaning the dust and opening the pores of the slab a little more at the same time. But the main benefit of grinding is saving the drying time of a wet floor.

The key is to have the right machine for the job which is the main reason for this article. You can read more about grinding in a previous post. But for now we are going to assume you’ve decided to grind. Our advice is to go onto the Blastrac website and contact one of their dealers to rent you the appropriate grinder and vac system. They have locations all over the country. The’re also very knowledgeable and will rent you the right machine for your job. Not too big and not too small.


Above is an image of the proper size machine for a large commercial duty floor. Notice the difference between the grinded areas and the areas that have not been done yet. That is what your concrete needs to look like whether you are grinding or etching, whether your floor is large or small.

Grinding is a method that, as you can see above, is a method that can be used for cleaning and polishing surfaces. You’ll find that there are grinders small enough to do any size surface, and there are tools like a buffing wheel for bench grinder that allow you to ensure your grinder is in the best condition when you’re polishing. It is one of the most effective methods for polishing surfaces, so it is definitely worth using if you need to polish a surface.