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Why You Should Epoxy Your Concrete Floor

Epoxy Your Concrete Floor

The question asked is why should I spend money to put an epoxy coating on my concrete floor in my garage or business. Well there are a few good reasons.

One it will take your floor from looking like this

Epoxy Concrete floor


To looking like this

Epoxy Concrete floor

We would say that’s a pretty good reason right there. The above is our Armor Chip garage epoxy kit which can be used residential or commercially.¬† Another reason for epoxying your floor is for protection to prevent your floor from looking like these two images.

pitted floor Pitting Concrete

This is the beginning of your concrete failing from abrasion, salt corrosion and age. If you do nothing, eventually you will need to do an expensive slurry type resurfacing or complete replacement.  If you have rebar in the floor it will lead to rebar corrosion and a very expensive restoration project. Much better to apply a high quality epoxy floor coating. It will enhance the look of your floor while protecting it from wear, tear and corrosion.

If your floor has gotten pitted to this point. We would first do a good acid etch and TSP rinse. If you can do a diamond grind, even better but we would still do a TSP rinse to get the floor to the right PH. Then you’ll need to put down a good quality epoxy primer followed by a layer of extra thick 100% solids epoxy like our Ultra Epoxy with a flat squeegee. You want to scrape the squeegee along the surface leaving little to no epoxy on the surface of the primer. The main purpose of the flat squeegee is to fill in the pits. Once that dries then you can apply a second layer of epoxy to the floor. Then as always you must apply a proper urethane epoxy topcoat.