Epoxy Coatings & Moisture

Epoxy coating to a floor that gets flooded

We get asked a lot if it’s ok to apply an epoxy coating to a floor that gets flooded every now and then. The answer is yes if the water is coming from above the slab such as through the walls or from under doors. You need to make sure the floor is completely dry and once the epoxy has cured it is completely impervious to water. So as long as the water is not coming up through the slab it’s ok to epoxy a concrete floor.

If the moisture is coming up through the slab then it’s a matter of how much. If you are getting just some damp spots in the floor then it’s safe to epoxy it with the proper coatings. If you are getting puddles on the floor from water coming up then it’s probably not a good idea that you epoxy your floor. At least not as a DIY project. That type of scenario is better left to a professional that specializes in this type of work.

If your floor is just getting damp spots then you can use a moisture sealing primer to seal out the moisture and then epoxy over that. Problem is most moisture sealers are typical sealers in that they don’t like anything sticking to them. We have a Wet Basement Epoxy Kit that you can apply on any floor that comes with a moisture sealing epoxy primer and our 100% solids two part epoxy. You can add color flakes to this and a clear protective topcoat.

Here’s what happens when you don’t use a moisture primer or you use one that is not compatible with the epoxy you are using. If you’re wanting to find other sealants for any other moisture leaks within your garage or home, then you’ll more than likely be able to find the type of sealant you’re needing here, or with a simple internet search if you know what you’re looking for!