Garage Tiles Facts & Fiction Part 2

Garage Tiles Facts

Do you need to order a whole tile as a sample to get a good feel for the tile? Absolutely no. We send out a small piece of the tile and as soon as you put it into your hand you can tell that our tiles are head and shoulders above the other popular tiles that send you a full a tile as a sample. If you’re using cheap recycled materials and the tiles cost you only a dollar to make or import from China then yea you can send out free full tiles. Our tiles are very costly to make cause of the high quality PVC we use plus they weight 4.5 lbs each as compared to a few ounces of a typical Polypropylene tile. So shipping our tile is much more expensive. Our tiles are very competitively priced for what you are getting. Meaning are margins are very tight as compared to tiles that cost a dollar to manufacture and sell for not much less than our 100% solid PVC tiles.

So don’t get fooled or impressed by anyone just because they sent you a full tile. Instead concentrate on what it is you’re getting as a tile. Is it hollow, is it solid, is it PVC or Polypropylene, does the tile have full perimeter  locking tabs or just a few Peg and Loop connectors on each side. Big difference! Peg & Loop connections stink. They make popping noises as your car drives over them, they break off as you install them, they break off if your floor is the slightest bit un-level(and what floor is 100% level?), they stretch and start to split apart creating large unsightly seams that get filled with all sorts of crud that is next to impossible to clean out.

So instead of worrying about the sample you get focus on the quality difference and figure out which tile is going to look new 5, 10 or 20 years from the day you install them. It won’t be a hollow polypropylene tile with Peg & Loop connections.